The Book Reviews are in!

The Boston Globe / Chicago Tribune writes:

“. . .is engagingly written in detective story fashion. It really belongs in every summer cottage that now contains a game of Monopoly (or Anti-Monopoly). . .”

“. . .Anspach has blazed a trail. . .written a great cautionary tale against the trust we too often repose in public relations. . .”

“. . .it is by far the fullest version yet of a battle that illuminates key elements of American business history , from the populism of the 1880′s to the great galvanization of the 1980′s. . . ”

“A thrilling detective story debunking an American myth. . . [A] Brilliant book ! ”
– S. Reiss, Businessman

“. . .A fascinating expose of what must rank as one of the biggest cover-up stories of all time.”
– G. Tom, English attorney and businessman

“. . . makes for a fascinating read … Feel-good experiences of a scrapper who beat the big guys ”
– The Book Reader

” The aspect of Anspach’s story that fascinates me most is the manner in which the biggest gamesmaker in the US has been joined by the mass media in revising history 
– San Francisco Frontlines

“This is a quintessential story …where the company which is making Monopoly is itself a monopoly”
– Washington Free Press

“. . . [I] have finished your book and still marvel at it. Fascinating and super-must-read… ”
– Dan Glimne, Swedish authority on Monopoly

“. . .I am hooked on your book. It’s fantastic reading . . .”
– Tony Fatseas, Australian businessman

“. . .I especially liked your chapters about your detective work on the East Coast. . .”
– Kaz Darzinskis, author

“. . .It’s fascinating. . .”
– Anne Williams, game historian


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