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Read the suspenseful, and often hilarious, story about the invention, production and marketing of the Anti-Monopoly board game, and how a dedicated crew of amateurs, led by an egghead professor, had to take on America’s Big Business. Cheer on the little guys, as their defense against a legal assault by a big corporation blows the lid of the secret history of Monopoly. Find out how they uncovered the scandals of its real-world monopolization.

The” Billion Dollar Monopoly Swindle” book has been revised to include the latest discoveries in the history of Monopoly which prove definitively that there were two legitimate inventors of Monopoly: Elizabeth Magie invented the monopoly-playing concept and a group of Atlantic City Quaker teachers invented changes in Magie’s game which turned it into the world’s most popular board game.

Written by the man who uncovered the truth, this no holds barred exposé tells:

  • How a left-wing game was transformed by Big Business into an ikon of ruthless capitalism
  • How she was used, betrayed, and discarded by Parker Brothers
  • How the game became a widely played public domain folk game like chess
  • How it was played on home-made boards for twenty-five years
  • How some Atlantic City Quaker teachers turned it into Monopoly®
  • How it was stolen from the Quakers and the public domain with a fraudulent patent and a vanished copyright
  • How and why Parker Brothers concocted a bogus Monopoly history which became an American legend
  • How Monopoly-gate was covered up with a host of tricks including laundering deals, perjury, and subornation of perjury And how all this produced a billion dollars of real-life monopoly profits.

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Read all about ….

  • The originator of Monopoly®: a woman
  • The unmasking of a historical for-profit lie
  • A 10 year long vicious law suit
  • The vindication: David beats Goliath
  • … and how Monopoly was STOLEN from the Quakers!
  • (more…)

Or, check out recent updates on my long struggle here.


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