Dr. Ralph Anspach

Ralph Anspach is a retired professor of Economics at San Francisco State University. He is the creator of The Billion Dollar Monopoly® Swindle and the inventor of the Anti-Monopoly board game.

Frustrated in his search for a commercial producer for his game, he left the ivory tower, formed his own company, and stumbled into the market on his own.

On the way, he was sideswiped by the makers of Monopoly with a ten-year law suit during which the producers of Monopoly forced him off the market for seven years with a frivolous claim that average people would not be able to differentiate between something and its opposite. But Anspach won two appeals against the rogue  judge who ruled twice for Big Business and then prevailed at the Supreme Court level – with nearly all of Big Business filing briefs against him. While they were ahead, the Monopoly producers buried 40,000 Anti-Monopoly games in a garbage dump to frighten away competitors.

During the legal wars, he became a detective who uncovered the suppressed history of Monopoly, a slice of Americana, both the good side and the bad. The good side:  All the creative and decent Americans who cooperated in the invention of Monopoly and turned it into a widely played folk game called monopoly. The bad side: the monopolization of Monopoly brought off with the fabrication of a fake inventor named Charles Darrow.  He was put up by the producers of Monopoly to secure a fraudulent invention patent which was then used to off the competition.


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