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Read the suspenseful, and often hilarious, story about the invention,production and marketing of the Anti-Monopoly board game, and how a dedicated crew of amateurs, led by an egghead professor, had to take on America’s Big Business. Cheer on the little guys, as their defense against a legal assault by a big corporation blows the lid of the secret history of Monopoly. more

Available in different languages in Europe from Portugal to Russia. (400,000 sold already.) In the US, it is sold only in selected game stores and direct from the publisher, University Games. Guess Who has used his monopoly power to keep us out of the mass market? Ask for it in the chains – that might help.

Latest Updates

  • Webfoot Technologies and University Games are hard at work computerizing the game for all platforms and it will be released very soon.
  • Mary Pilon, a reporter for the NY Times, is publishing with Bloomsbury USA a book on my story. Release date:  April 2015. She has based it on my book, my archives, and has interviewed me many times.
  • We have cancelled our contract with XLibris for “The Billion Dollar Monopoly Swindle. I published it with this vanity press which does no marketing to prove to publishers that it would not precipitate a law suit from the Monopoly producers.” I had to do this because several publishers wanted to publish my book but passed for fear of litigation. Still, 3,000 copies of my book have been sold since 1999 – and there has been no law suit because my story has been corroborated by the courts.
  • I am now looking for a literary agent to find a regular publisher who will market my newly-edited and updated book  as it deserves to be done. It’s new title is “The Monopoly Detective.”
  • Tiara Blue Films has optioned the book for a feature film
  • Mary’s book tells the story from the viewpoint of a reporter. On the other hand, my book narrates the emotional and dramatic story of the protagonist of Mary’s book.  A reputable screen writer has been engaged to write the script and funding is assured once a book on my story appears.
  • Since Monopoly is a unique world-wide success and Anti-Monopoly is a European best seller, the book has a good chance of finding international licensees and I can help promote it in 3 languages:  English, German, and French. I also intend to engage experts to pitch it in the social media.

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